someone please help

this is a beginners question but it is not being answered very well on the beginners forums
i want to do one thing : load a bitmap image file (.bmp) turn it into a texture and put it into a 2d square on the screen.

i have read alot of tutorials at nehe and he uses glaux.h which i dont want to use.

i have been succesfull in doing this with a .raw image file.

i am using c++ and i have windows 98 if you need to know that.

im sure this is really easy to do and could someone please exaplin clearly on how i should go about doing this

thank you very much for anyone who replys

You can use SDL to easily load BMP (SDL_loadBMP(char *)), source code of the function is available on

It wasn’t being answered very well, or you weren’t reading the answers very well? One person provided a link directly to a BMP loading routine for you. Ah well…

A couple notes about SDL, I could be wrong, but I think that the image loading stuff is actually part of the SDL_image library, so you’ll need that as well. Also since you had problems with this with glAux, I should mention that you will also need to link in the SDL libraries, the same way I replied on how to do it for glAux.

you could look up the format of a .bmp file on microsofts’ site and then read your file in appropriately.
(you probably did something similar if you got textures working using .raw files)