OK. I have contacted BOTH S3 and Compaq, from where I bought my laptop. I have a Compaq Presario 725US. It has a S3 Twister K. My question is can this card be made to meet 1.2 OpenGL compliant. Compaq tells me that they don’t have a driver that is 1.2 OpenGL compliant. This is obvious. There are others that are really wanting to play games with these graphics cards and are not getting help from the manufacturers.
I REALLY HOPE that someone can help me here. This is really bothering me and even with running a gaming community they are their wits ends. My “gaming machine” is on a long trip and please tell me that I didn’t spend 1500 dallors in vain!
The game is Neverwinter Nights which I watched develope and awaited it’s release for 12 months! Some please tell me they can help…?

Sorry but it is the manufacturers (S3 in this case) task to provide drivers that are OpenGL (what ever version) compliant.

Only they know the the internals/capabilities of their hardware.