Some serious help needed, please!!!

Okay, I’ve been sick for the last 2 weeks and have missed my CS classes, so I have no idea whats going on, but some help would REALLY be appreciated. The assignment seems basic, but I really don’t quite understand it how to implement it.

Basically someone has already written a parser file that reads in a data file with points and vectors and such as well as a view file that reads in the following information:

For both Orthographic and Perspective views:
Center of View point (View Reference POint)
View Up Direction

and for orthographic views reads in:
Direction of View
Scaling Factor

and for Perspective views reads in additionally:
Point of View (the position of the eye, Projection reference point)
Angle of View

I’ve already written the simple code to draw each of the polygons, but how do I bring all of this information together in as little code as possible? How do I implement it using gluPerspective, glOrtho, gluLookAt, and do I need any more functions other than those?


Well I’m not 100% sure what needs to be done, but yes those functions would be used to do those tasks.

I haven’t used the Orthographic functions yet so I wont say anything about that, but for the perspective the calls are as follows:
Point of View (xyz), Angle of View (rx ry rz), View up direction (a,b,c):
gluLookAt(x,y,z, rx, ry, rz,a,b,c); //assuming these variables were read in from the file. Hope that helps a little.

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