some questions that needs answers

Hello I was wondering:

  1. How can I save a mesh? Once I have it compiled as a display list, how can I get its data? saving that wont be a problem but how do I actually get the data?

  2. Is there any way to “compile” the mesh data like with a display list but be able to modify this data? (so I can animate the mesh for example) ??

  3. How can I enable and disable vsync and FSAA ? (and how do I enable FSAA at 2x or other modes? also how do I get the available AA modes?!)

  4. Where can I get an example of motionblur using render to texture? (no accumulation buffer) this should be the fastest way of doing motion blur isnt it?

  5. how do I get the content of the viewport so I can save it as an image? (render to texture again?)

thanks !!
I would like to learn about all this :slight_smile:

4 & 5: read nehe’s tutorial about radial blur, it also shows how to render to a texture

hi I will thank you
about the other questions can anyone explain me?

also is it possible to “compile” a set of commands? so if I have multitexturing and I wont change those textures settings or blendings, I can somehow “compile” the calls so I dont have to do them all the time and save processing power?, is that even possible?, I want to use multitexturing for windows reflections and cars reflections on their windows and bodywork too because if not they look too flat, they somehow need the extra detail on reflections but I still dont know how to achive it good. Thanks!

Display list are a compiled and fixed set of commands, thats why they are faster to use.

you cannot edit them or get access to the lists data

If you need to change any data that was used to compile the Display list, then you need to change the original data then recompile the display list


with respect to your other questions,

Most have been answered many times, using the search option for this forum should find the answer