Some Problem of the output file (*.bw *.pgm)

After I run the vx_test (in the raw folder),
there are some files(*.bw *.pgm) appear in the raw folder,but I can’t open the bw file!
I try many software to open the bw files but failed.What should I do?
And the *.pgm file is all black,is that true?

The *.bw, *.rgb, and *.yuv files can be viewed using the pyuv tool (, which extracts the meta-information (width,height, format) from the name of the file in a certain convention. A also notice that most files are black, or only have a row of information. This may be a bug in the file write and/or read utility used in the test.

I found the source of the problem for the black outputs. The file read kernel had been querying for the number of planes using a vx_uint32 type for the “planes” variable instead of the vx_size type, so the query returned an error instead of the number of planes. Therefore the file read would read the initialized “0” planes, meaning no data was read from the input file. The fix is very simple. In the following file: “kernels/debug/d_file.c”, at the beginning of the vxFReadImage() function, change the type of the “planes” variable from vx_uint32 to vx_size. After this fix, the file is properly read and the outputs have image data in them now.

The type of the “planes” variable in my “d_file.c” is vx_size originally.And the result is black.