Some help to a desperate beginner???

I am totally unaware of 3D graphics and openGL, so I started reading the red book and the superbible because I have a project to do. I installed Visual Studio .NET’s Intel C++ compiler in my Windows 2000 environment and tried to compile a very short program. Nothing! I then tried to compile a 3-line program in C to see if there is something wrong with the compiler: again nothing (the compiler does its job but then Vis.Studio seems to shut down when it tries to execute the program).

What is wrong? I know it is something trivial that I ignore but I’m stuck from step No 1 and I would really like to start doing stuff in openGL.

Try taking a look at or

Both will show you how to set up your compiler and how to start programming in OGL.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Looks like you’ve got the Intel Compiler set up incorrectly with .NET. This doesn’t look like an OpenGL problem at all. YOu have to sort that out before doing anything else, I’m afraid.

Take a look at this, anyways. Assuming you’ve installed everything correctly, you might be missing a patch: