some doubts...

Hello guys! I’m new here… and finally I will post a doubt for you can help-me

I’m Brazilian… and my english is very bad… so… patient : ))))

first one: How I begin? because… I have a good notion of C and small of C++…
but the tool that I used in my faculty was Turbo C++ 1.01… if i passed to
VC++ 6.0 will I have difficults to program in C/C++ with OpenGL?

second one: To my final project that I will made for my faculty… I have plans
to make a 3D game!.. so… I research for books… and I found this ones: Game
Programming Gems by Mark Deloura and 3D Game Engine Design by David H. Eberly. The first… he’s using OpenGL to create games… and the second is the basic to advanced if I understand… so… What your suggestions about this books? Would be nice have this two books to studing e and help-me to my final project?

I accept too… any suggestions, links for tutorials to OpenGL Beginners, Visual C++ 6, Game Programming… Artificial Inteligence… to help me in this case…

well… I would to advanced thank all of you by attention…
see ya


If your looking for some good openGL books buy the openGL SuperBible and/or the OpenGL programming guide (also known as the red book.) The red book is more in depth and more advanced, so I would buy the SuperBible first. (but that’s just my humble opinion)

Hope that helps

ok… but this books that I suggest… for to develop games its more better to me? because I learn opengl into for consequence… : )
I think a lot about…
and I need to know Visual C++ very much? because I programming only in Turbo C++… so… my knowledge is in C and is intermediary…

but I thank you too for the suggestions



Hello Sams,

I’m also brazilian,

Na faculdade, você estava programando em ambient Windows ou DOS ?



Hi Sams…I’m sorry this link which follows is not in too much detail but I think it’s a strting place for you to start using VC++.

Once you become familiar with these areas, you’ll be able to understand VC++ a little better!

as for the books for OpenGL…

The Programming Guide(Red Book):…/7109;cd=7;td=6

The Refference Man.(blue book):…kView;cd=7;td=6

Good Luck and I hope this info helps you?

Thanks so much guys!!
This help was really need to me.
I believe now… I have how to direction my study for OpenGL and VC++.

Thank you all again.


P.S.: KurtCob, e aeh? belê?.. seguinte… eu programava para DOS… : )… hmmm fiquei curioso… por que? voce estuda aonde? falowwww…