Some advice please.

I need some advice I’m building a terrain engine consisting of 128 triangles lists each with 256 triangles. I want the terrain to be damageable but as this will only happen rarely should I generate display lists anyway and remake them after the terrain changes. As it stands I get about 35 FPS without lists and 50 with them.

Umm… You already coded both ways up and
compared them, and one is faster than the
other. I don’t see why you’re even asking
the question.

If you want to be really sure, code up some
example which re-generates some of the strips
(no doubt in response to some big explosion
type event :slight_smile: and see how much the frame
rate drops when you do that, and figure out
whether you can live with that drop during
the (possibly infrequent) times you need to
re-generate the data.