[solved] basic extension polling

I can run different GL apps on my system (Win 7, SLI GeForece 460, drivers from Feb 21), but my code is failing to run correctly. For example, I can look at all the GL extensions supported using Geeks3D Caps Viewer. That utility shows 290 total extensions, 265 GL and 25 WGL. When I try to poll the extensions, I get 264 GL and 1 WGL (total 265). The one extension I really care about, WGL_ARB_pixel_format, is not listed when I poll for it. This is the first time I’ve seen problems with my code on NVIDIA (I have complained about issues with an old Intel laptop), so I’m not sure what has went wrong, but I suspect something high level.

Here is what I do:
1- my render framework creates a temporary window (register class, create window, get DC)
2- my render framework creates a temporary GL context and polls the extension string and WGL_ARB_pixel_format is never listed.
3- if it was listed, I would use WGL_ARB_pixel_format support to enumerate pixel formats (BUT IT IS NOT LISTED).
4- since it is not listed, I use Windows API (DescribePixelFormat) to enumerate all the window formats. (None of these formats are showing hardware acceleration.)
5- my app creates a window with the best pixel format available described by my render framework.

I can never get the pixel format I want because it WGL_ARB_pixel_format never shows up when I poll.

Can anyone guess what is going wrong? Thansk for any tips!

The process for getting WGL extensions is described on the wiki.

I lost my wgl code somehow. All is well now. Thanks for the help.

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