Software rendering

My 3D hardware seam to cause some problems in a modeling software for Windows NT4. I would want to try using software only rendering but don’t know how. The OpenGL32.dll is still the same than before so I can’t just put the old one. I think that on Windows platform the 3D accelerators drivers are some kind of addons to the microsoft lib but I don’t know exactly how those it’s work. I need to know what files or maybe registry entrie I have to erease.

Note: I had some sucess by obtaining the old SGI libs for windows and renaming them from OpenGL.dll to OpenGL32.dll but even if my software run I get more bugs and rendering problems than before.

Have a look there:



You can try downloading the latest win32 mesa3d libs ( and replace your windows OpenGL32.dll with the mesa one (remember to do backups!). That will give you an excelent software alternative to MS OpenGL (but it’s quite slow).

What card? You can go into the registry, and kill off the opengl driver. (or you can rename the actual file, so when opengl32 can’t find it, it reverts to software mode).