Software Rendering Engines & Pixel and Vertex shaders

Hey everyone! I’ve started programming OpenGL a little while ago. I was wondering if any had good links to t utorials or examples of software renderign engines. I know that you use them if the hardware doesn’t support a feature, but how do you program them?
Also, i have a geForce 3 Ti video card and I was wondering if there were extentions to include Vertex shaders as well as Pixel shaders. Again, i’m not really experienced at OpenGL, but i’m posting this here because i think i’d get better responses here than the beginners forum. This seems like an advanced topic.

Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.

Halcyon??? HALCYON??? you stole my name… Jk
Anyway, I have nothing benificial to add to this post. I just had to comment on your name. I am also interested in information on these subjects though… hope someone replies with useful information to contrast my reply.

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LOL…sorry about the name. I just happn to reallllly like that word. Well, i’m not 100% sure on exactly how to use it, but i’ve been checking out Nvidia’s Cg language. If you download and install the whole toolkit, it’s got a broswer that shows you the shader code AND shows you how the demo will look after you compile your program and run it. You also get the sdk, manual, reference, and all that other good stuff. I’m gonna try to learn Cg. Why? Cuz i like Nvidia a LOT and i’d rather use Cg to do my shader work than directx. (or is that .net)