software rendering - easy questions


Do I understand it correctly? :

In case a win32 computer has a no-hardware-support gfx card and I glGetString “Microsoft GDI generic 1.1.0” (i.e. software rendering) - I must use ONLY OpenGL 1.1.0 functionality (+ extentions listed by glGetString)? But there is an option of providing, say, 1.3 features by coding them myself?

Another case - I have a video card that doesn’t have hardware support of some 1.4 features, but the card driver lists them as supported. In this case the opengl32.dll redirects the “glCALL” to the card driver and the last uses CPU to realize it (i.e. software implementation of “glCALL”)?


Ignore the GL_VERSION altogether. Serious. Look at the extension string, anything that’s exposed there should be reasonably usable.

And that’s it.

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you got the idea, thanks!

PS: I reread my mess|age and, man, it’s hard to understand :[ sry for that.