Software OpenGL for MIMO USB Display


I´ve now tried a lot to bring OpenGL to my Nanovision MIMO-Display. This display is a complete graficscard+monitor wich connects throught usb - and has touchscreen capabilities.

i want to make a homecontrol+audio/video system out of them - so i have a server and a few mimos as displays around the house.

my biggest problem at the moment is to get a propper software like boxee to run. but they all need opengl. and this display don´t support opengl in hardware.

so i tried to make it with virtual systems - with no luck.

is there a software or driver wich emulates opengl (1.4) in software or a method to render the opengl on main-hardware and just output a screening or something to the usb-monitor?

thanks a lot and i hope you can understand my bad english.

greets, arne

Try Mesa3d. I use it all the time in virtual machines that don’t have hardware OpenGL.

Which OS are you using?

i think vista has opengl 1.4 support by default
it wraps it to direct x 9 i believe