SOF 2 Error

hi @ all,
i have a problem with my SOF2 since yesterday i have installed win xp prof.
AppName: sof2.exe AppVer: ModName: nvoglnt.dll
ModVer: Offset: 001c2396
This is the Error which comes by q3,rtcw,swjk2,mohaa.
And by CS comes an error opengl does not supported
My system is a:
192 MB RAM
Aopen Geforce 2 MX400
WIN XP Prof.
directx 8.1
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Good luck - I posted the same question before & never got a response. I have a 1.3 Duron with a GeForce2 Ultra 64MB with 512MB SDRAM running XP home, and I get the same error occassionally with SOF2. I have tried 12 different sets of drivers, clean reinstalls of the game & drivers each time to no avail.

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Perhaps you should do a clean (and I mean clean) install of WinXP and the display drivers and service pack from scratch.

The funny thing is when i install win98 se all games run peferct.But i need xp for some things that i do