So what do you guys think of Apple's 3.2 drivers?

I had a few small problems I fixed, but when I tried running my deferred renderer on OSX Lion, it has…abnormal…graphical output, with no OpenGL errors.

What’s your experience with Apple’s 3.2 drivers? Do they work for you?

Such as?

It renders one frame, then the object on screen disappears for a few seconds, then it renders another frame every five seconds or so. I think it’s updating the whole time, but for some reason the texture getting drawn to is randomly not filled or drawn correctly. Code works fine on Windows, no OpenGL errors, using RGBA8 textures only for the FBO. I sent it to Apple in a bug report.

I’m kind of perplexed and I don’t really know how much I should expect from them, so I was wondering how other people were finding OpenGL 3.2 on Lion. I don’t hear any other devs talking about it.

Maybe it is a stupid thing like using defaults so ending up in single buffering, instead of double buffering+swap ?

Possible, but my OpenGL1 renderer uses basically the same code, and it works fine.

int attribs[]={
            if (version!=3) attribs[6] = 0;
            format=[[NSOpenGLPixelFormat alloc] initWithAttributes:(NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute*)attribs];

The problem has to do with the FBO, since it renders fine if it is just drawing to the back buffer.

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