Sniffer_GPU.exe After Effects problem...?

Every time I try to open Adobe After Effects CS4 I get a error that sniffer_gpu.exe is not responding and closed, which times out the loading of AE. Ive found out this is a opengl problem, but have found no where in my Google searching for a fix to the problem. I have Windows Vista 64 bit and OpenGL Version, please someone help!!!…1e6af4d58a87f77

I did what this guy put for a fix and still same problem, I was crossing my fingers hoping, but no luck, im so lost as to what to do to fix the problem!

Well this is not an opengl problem, and I have no idea on how to get rid of such malware…

Oh, its a opengl problem, since it has to do with the sniffer_gpu.exe file, I’ve never had such problems with adobe programs before, none of them are working to there full potential, I cant even export with Premiere, its ridiculous.

Yes, I think so. I had the same problem few days ago and I went around Internet to find the way to solve it. But absolutely can not. I think it’s because when pp had solven it, they didn’t show off it any more :))
When I try to re-install the driver for VGA card it became ok. My problem is that when I tried to discover my new PC and play with its driver disc I mis-installed the XP driver for my Win7. It made the VGA card can not run as it should be.
I think your problem is the same, right?

1). Turn UAC off

Control Panel/User Accounts and Family Safety/User Accounts

2). Prep AE.

Open up AE:

(optional) Go to preferences and turn off open gl previewing.

Create two solids. Drag knoll light ez onto the top solid layer.

It should work ok.

Now open up the project you wish to edit (you do not need to save the prep project).

This should work in most cases if you follow this routine.

And, plz do not reply saying turning off UAC is a bad thing and blah. I know it is not ideal. Talk to microsoft!

I believe this problem occured after i updated to SP2 though i have never really identified it.

Its not an open gl fault, its not a virus, its not your graphics card (interfacing)…

its OS based (vista 64x), its poor design on behalf of microsoft, i strongly believe.

This should work for you, if you follow these simple steps.

Hope it helps!