I have rendered 64*64 points (GL_POINTS). Id like it to look smoother ,so that each point becomes a part of the next.
Can i do this using points? or is there a better method? is this complicated? does anyone have some ideas on how to implement this?
Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Yup!! just make another 64x64 array, and then each element is the weighted sum of the original array element and it’s neighbors…

Let me clarify.

for example final[x][y]=original[x][y]/2.0+original[x+1][y]/8.0+original[x-1][y]/8.0+original[x][y-1]/8.0+original[x][y+1]/8.0;

or some varitions of that… that’ll do

If you want do smooth textures and such, glConvolutionFilter2D() or something was added in OpenGL 1.2

don’t forget about edges and corners … u’ll have to use another formula for them. But that should be easy to figure out.

Good Luck and Have fun coding.