Smoothing the boundary


Hello every body, I have uploaded one surface constructed from a number of boundaries. I have used linear interpolation among the boundaries for surface reconstruction.I would like to make the surface smooth without the sharp edges as shown in the figure. Could any one suggest how could that be done. Thanks in advance.

To smooth the joins you will need to create more segments and use a smooth function like a bezier curve to the find the path from segment to segment. Another option is to put ball joints at the joins by rendering 2 cylinders with a sphere to connect them.

With non-linear interpolation. Bezier curves, NURBS, Catmull-Clark subdivision, etc. You could fill a small library with what has been written on the subject, so it’s hard to recommend a specific approach.

Thanks every body for the reply. The boundary cross-section may not be a circle. I would like to apply some smoothing operatoin to the vertices lying on the boundaries. I need some further suggestion and examples.