smooth as a slideshow

I’m coding a litte game in opengl, but performances are horrible!!! For an example, I’ve tried to run a gl/glut really primitiv program displaying a simple quad taking just 1/8 of the viewport. it is mapped with a 64x32 24 bits RGB texture. The camera is positionned with 2 rotations and a 2 translations for each frame and it turn aroung the quad. That’s all! And I get about 3 frames per second in GL_LINEAR and maybe 8 frames second in GL_NEAREST with the ridicule definition of 320*240!!! The computer is a PII 366 with an ati 3D rage pro 8mb. I compiled it under windows with gcc (cygnus) and under linux with gcc and the MesaGL implementation. The problem is the same. And the windows implementation doesn’t give better results than my really poor framebuffer/not accelerated linux implementaion. The windows drivers are well installed and halflife GL or sofware turns with 60fps and unreal tournament reaches 26fps in 640x480 in opengl.
At least, I disabled these stuffs
lighting, edges, mipmapping, antialiasing, fog, stencil, accumulation,
all the hints are “GL_FASTEST” and textures are in GL_RGC displayed in GL_RGBA.
I don’t forget to flush and resdiplay, i don’t touch the texture object, i “glclear” 2 buffers only once a frame, and everything the program has to do is to display a quad and calculate the cam rotation in spheric coordinates.
Please, can you help me understanding why it runs as slowly? is it my compiler’s fault? What do i have forgotten to do?
Thank you!

is there anything to do to “activate” hardware acceleration?

Take a look at this thread. You seem to be in a similiar situation.