Small windowing Library?

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First post so be gentle.

I’ve been looking around for a good alternative to GLUT for the development of some demos and tutorials on 3D programming. Since I’d like the code to be platform independent I’m looking for some type of framework (like GLUT) to use.

I normally program in Win32 (+wgl) so I create my own windows etc, I can’t create handlers for 4+ OSes.

GLUT kills the thread after you close the window, so it never returns to my code (C++ OO). This results in memory leaks when debugging. I ended up with more than 10MBs of allocated memory for something simpler than a “hello world” program.

I’ve tried GLFW but the current release is very buggy. Is there another framework suitable for window-handling/creation that’s not huge like SDL or other game-specific SDKs?

Please recommend something platform independent (at least Win32, *nix and Mac) so I can continue my work. I’m looking for something small, neat and tight so I don’t have to worry too much about the actual library malfunctioning.

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I use SDL all the time, it’s easy to use, cross platform and handles the window creation and input devices.

[ | vector_math (3d math library) | software renderer ]

I am quite happy with GLFW myself, what do you find buggy in it ?

First of all it seems to be your fifth post! :slight_smile: (unless you posted like mad after posting this one)

I will agree with previous reply to go for SDL. It is simple to get started and has none of the drawbacks of GLUT with threading. The one thing is that it doesn’t support multiple windows. The next (current? haven’t really checked lately) release will address this.

Hi Trenki, ZbuffeR and thinks,

@ZbuffeR: current release 2.6.0 works fine on most platforms, yet W32 DLL can’t be Dynamically linked and Static library doesn’t seem to link either due to an issue with mismatching versions. It’s an issue and has been logged in their bug tracker. Other platforms seem to work fine. I could simply copy all of the source files into my own project but I find that a bit unappealing.

@thinks: I’ve been posting a bit, but this was the 1st one. Maybe I jumped to a conclusion regarding SDL; I’ll check it out. It looks more like a game-oriented system than anything else and that’s not the a reason I’d be using a graphics library.

I’ll give SDL a shot.

The 2.5.0 release of glfw was always very stable for me and more then sufficient. SDL is just too large for my taste.