Small rectangle with Intel HD. AMD/NVIDIA fine. Please help!

I’m working on Xenko, an open-source 3D engine while game developing. My hope is to make the Vulkan API stable.

Things are working pretty well on NVIDIA & AMD systems – but when running with Intel HD, most of the frame ends up as just the clear color. However, there is a small rectangle of rendered (and stretched) pixels whom colors match things in the scene in a corner of the window.

There is a screenshot of this behavior & RenderDoc captures in this issue:

This is the implementation for Vulkan in Xenko:

It seems to be a very specific symptom on Intel HD hardware… hoping someone has an idea why this would happen!

Thank you for your time!

Apparently fixed based on the linked Issue. Maybe you can sum up what the problem was?

When I was creating the swap chain, the image view type wasn’t being set to Image2D, so it was getting left as the default Image1D. AMD & NVIDIA didn’t seem to care, but Intel did. You can see the change I made in the bottom of this commit: