Slug Production : Slug 3D (V 0.3) with a new map + need advice


In our site, you’ll find the new version of our 3d engine
called “Slug 3D”

This picture shows the map made under UnrealEd 2.0 in realtime

Our 3d engine shows the same ! Ok, there’s some scale problems
but the program loads correctly the map with textures.

In this new version, there’s a beta version for collision detection.
All polygons can be collised but the detection must be improved.

The maps are made under UnrealEd 2.0
Then, we export the maps in .t3d file format and we convert
the .t3d file into another file format more easy to use. The
program for converting a .t3d map will be released soon …

Now, we need your advice. In the realtime preview, you’ll see
that the texture aren’t the same like in our engine.
For calculating the textures coord., we use this calcul :

U = Vertex.x * ux + Vertex.y * uy + Vertex.z * uz
V = Vertex.x * vx + Vertex.y * vy + Vertex.z * vz

But, it doesn’t works … Anyone knows how to correctly calculating
the textures coord. for correctly displaying the map ???

For zip size, we’ve deleted the MD2 and the sounds.
A QuadTree system is in progress …

And, the final word, what do you think about this engine ?


Slug Production