Slug Production - BIG Update - Many cool programs ...


We’ve updated all of our WebSite.

Check our new programs …[]

Some cool programs :

Anisotropic Filtering
S3TC Texture Compression
MipMapping SGIS
Vertex Array
Per Pixel Lightning
Dynamic LightMapping
Texture Compression
MD2 Model
MS3D Model
FMOD 3.60
Object Selection
Dialog Box

more …

I get a 404 when I click Enter.

Just found what’s wrong. You have a backslash instead of a slash in the link.

You have lots of “” in the URLS and links throughout your site …

You’ll need to go and change these coz everyone is getting “404”'s when trying to navigate!

MSWORD is NOT a good HTML generator (by the way!). Would also explain perhaps how these funny characters got in there. If only everyone used “/” for directory paths etc!

Sigh … but then the guy who wrote the MIC interpreter for TOPS10 on DecSystem10’s couldn’t remember which way round BASIC did string vars, so we ended up with $a and $b and so on, instead of a$, b$ etc … and once coded at midnight, he couldn’t be nothered to change it!

Rob (who remembers, just, writing a Calcomp plotter driver for the above system!)

Sorry but I’ve only MS WORD, I don’t have Frontpage 2000.

Now you can try again, I’ve done another thing for the link.

There are still backslashes in the links… won’t work.

It’s html fa cryin out loud. Use a text editor!