I have a simple program in glut that draws 3 bezier patches (opengl calculates them) and simple lighting. When it comes to rotate and translating the scene it is painfully slooooooow. I also use GL_FILL for the patches. I do rotation in the modelview matrix. Is this right?

Do you have a frame rate counter running or something so you can see if it is always running slow? I rather suspect you may be just falling back to software rendering ( which is usually quite slow ) for some reason, and when the image isn’t moving, you just aren’t aware how bad the frame rate really is. It’s when the transformations start that you become aware of the problem, which is perhaps making you think that the problem is really something else. Just a guess.

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How would I be able to tell?

I have also noticed, that after about 4-5 compile and runs with my program, that other opengl progs will slow down dramatically.


check this .

Hmmm, if it slows down after 4-5 runs, it sounds like you might not be shutting down the GL context properly?

How would i do that?

hehe sorry I am new to opengl - please bare with me

After 4-5 runs it slows down? Looks like a memory leak to me.

Just make sure you free up everything on exit, free the textures, arrays, and so on.