Slow When Magnifying Textures ?

Greetings everyone,

I have got the following trouble.
I render 10 Cubes with one 256x256 Texture.
I move the camera throughout the scene,
and when I aproximate to a Texture of a
face (simply Magnifying), the framerate
drops significantly.
But when I get away from the texture
(minification “Rendered texture
is of smaller size than the original”) even
using Mipmaping Linear_Linear, The Framerate
is smooth, even when i use up to 100 Cubes.

Am I missing something in my code,
I used both Magnifications parameters
NEAREST and LINEAR and it doesn’t improve.

I’ve so many OpenGl games where Texture
Magnification doesn’t affect the frame rate.

If any one can help me. I own a K7/TNT2m64-

Thanks a lot.

Are you sure you installed your opengl drivers (using glsetup) ?

–> Divide Overflow

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Of course,

Quake 3 or MDK would run if I hadn’t
OpenGL installed.

And Wouldn’t be able to use the extension.