slow program

i’ m doing an openGL program where i use lots of textures, unfortunatly the program started runing quite slowly, is there anything that i can do to turn it faster…
maybe a piece of code…

or the only thing i have to do is to change my hardware??

Pedro Silva

how many textures are you using?

and how large are they?

it could be that your video card cannot store them all at once in it’s on-board video memory.

It could also be that your program isn’t being hardware accelerated for whatever reason.

Do you speak spanish?
[I’m spanish, and I write bad english]

Well, I know its difficult make a good 3d low-poly skinned mesh with all textures you need in a single file, but pherheaps you can try it. I supose it would be faster using less texture computing, loading, etc.

If I’m wrong, please tell it to me.