slow opengl with w2k/sp2 + ati aiwradeon agp4x 32mb ddr

I decided to go back to w2kpro because i got tired of a few problems xp gave me. For some reason my fps has dropped way lower then what it was with xp. Playing sof2 i used to get NO lower then 28fps and avg of around 45, max of 100 inside areas like buildings and such, but with w2k i am only getting 15fps where i would be getting 45 with xp. I am using the same drivers as i did with xp (6071) except the w2k version, and basicly everything else is the same too (via 4in1, sound card dvrs, etc). I have read that w2k is supposed to perform exactly like xp in games so thats why i went back to it (ive never used w2k with games before now). Is there some sort of patch i need to speed it up a bit with w2k?

Athlon 1400mhz
Abit KT7A-Raid
Ati All-In-Wonder Radeon 32mb ddr agp4x (6071 drivers)
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
256mb crucial cas2
120gig wd 7200rpm
30gig maxtor 7200rpm
Viewsonic PF790 19"

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