SLI voodoo2 Display Property conflict

I have SLI voodoo 2’s installed…and I’m not sure how I managed to get a Tab for both “3dfx V2-1000” and “Monster 3D II” in my Display Properties.
Can anyone help me determine which one would be preferable, and how to remove one of them from my display properties Window.
[On both the “3dfx V2-1000” and “Monster 3D II” Display Property tabs, both indicate SLI as Not Detected

System specs:
PCI- Dual voodoo 2’s [SLI]
AGP- ATI All-in Wonder Pro

I used glsetup to install the drivers for the ATI and the 3dfx chipsets. When I went to rollback ATI was the only rollback that occured.

Can someone help me out and let me know how to get this problem corrected?

would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction…

I am not really sure, never had a voodoo2 SLI, but it could be that u got 2 conflicting drivers, one is the original manufacturer driver, another one being a generic driver from 3dfx.
Err that’s not right there is no 3dfx to whip around anymore, I guess glsetup installed the latest one.