Skybox with large terrains

Hello Everyone,

i am trying to render terrains with “skybox” effect. Well the terrains i have seen are pretty small.

Then i saw this video:

The terrain here looks really huge. How exactly do they design the skybox here? Are the images used for the skybox really huge? Or they repeat the textures?

Could anyone please throw some light on it?

skybox is whatever size you want, usually 1x1x1, but it follows yo u around, so that no matter where you move, you can never reach it

just set skybox position to camera position and you’re set

And by the way, there is no skybox on the video you linked to.
Looks more like a cloud plane + direction-dependant colored fog.

Thanks for the reply Jacek Nowak, Zbuffer.

>>Looks more like a cloud plane + direction-dependant colored fog.

Could you please elaborate more on that? What exactly is meant by a cloud plane and direction-dependant clolored fog? Any links would be really helpful.


A cloud plane is a quad drawn at or near to the top of the sky box to look like a layer of cloud.
The fog is view space fog drawn at the far plane. As the camera moves the fog is also drawn where the camera is viewing - thus giving the illusion that fog extends all the way to the horizon.

Thank you BionicBytes.