Skybox Weird EDGES

Hi !

Im trying to do a skybox à la Q2 or Kingpin, and I can’t put 6 glBindTexture in only one glBegin(GL_QUADS)… they’ll have same tex.

So I do 6 DIFFERENT glBegin(GL_QUADS) and I gotta weird box edges ?

-Is there any way to fix it such as a “link-edge” ?

( I’m sure it’s simple but strange, all edge has for eg. blue sky and I have white edges and have no polygon edge function on.)


try GL_CLAMP instead of GL_REPEAT

GL_CLAMP should work in theory, but didn’t work for me.
If you have the same problem, set the texture coordinates to
(texture_width - 1) / texture_width (instead of 1)
1 / texture_width (instead of 0)

Thank you my skybox looks fine now ! Just like if I were on air…

Wow now i just need to learn BSP and I’m gonna kick id’s engine hehe