Skybox visual glitch

Hi, I’m trying to create a skybox with a cube and depth testing. I’m getting a visual glitch that you can see in this picture

as you can see not all the skybox is drawn, just the part you’re looking at directly, a section is cut off (this undrawn section moves when you turn)

this is my code:

glTranslatef(cam.fOrigin.x, cam.fOrigin.y, cam.fOrigin.z);

any ideas?

I had a similar problem, maybe this can help you:

looks like it’s being clipped by the near plane.
What’s in DRAW_CUBE and what depth state have you set inc. Perspective matrix?

yeah I figured it out, the cube that I had drawn around the camera was too small and that was causing it to get clipped, I scaled it by 1.2 and it fixed the problem, thanks for the replys