Skybox, Skydooms, or what else better?

I’m trying to make my sky. I’ve tried skybox but it seems a little bit slow and rigid. I’ve also tried skydooms (as descibed in the SKYDOOMS.PDF) but the result turn out to be none good, 'cause I can’t provide proper texture to the doom. I think there must be a better and easier way to render the sky, as it is done in Quake III: the animated sky seems neither skybox nor skydooms (correct me if I’m wrong), but what and how? Thanx so much if you give some advice.

Please help…

As far as I know the quake series used skyboxes. If you are having problems with the corners of the skybox being visible then you need to pre warp the texture so that it looks right when you apply it to the skybox.

Originally posted by Brent Fogarty:
As far as I know the quake series used skyboxes.

But the sky in Quake III is ANIMATED! The clouds are moving! So if id used skybox for Quake III, how did they obtain this effect?
(I don’t think it’s easy to make it using skybox. Even in Counter Strike, the skybox looks rigid.)