skybox problem

firstly thanks for all the skybox discussion…it inspired and helped me to put bryce skies in my game…they look awesome
but therz one problem…my 6 textures from bryce load perfectly in “skypaint” but in my game when i load them on a cube made of quads i get this problem
do you see the lines of each face of the cube…i need to remove them…
the cube is actually the same as the textured crate from nehe tutorial 7 except i exchanged the faces so that the outside texturing would appear inside(since we are inside the cube)…i then scaled it uniformly by 95000. I think the lines are appearing due to some lighting or material effect. Any help will be most welcome.
sorry for the rather long explanation.

The artifacts are caused because at the edge of the texture, the texels are blended with your border color.

Use the GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE extension for your texture wrap mode, or use texture borders.