sky and gluPerspective depth

What is correct way to code sky in OpenGL?
Should I draw huge sphere with sky texture?
But how big this sphere should be?
Should I move this sphere with camera, or just make it static like terrain?
In gluPerspective I set depth to 7000. When I will draw sphere around my terrain - this value will be increased. There are disadvantages of increasing depth - for example worse z-buffer. Isn’t true?
Or maybe instead sphere I should draw just one big quad? Or triangle? What’s your solution?

What you need is called “skybox”…it is just a huge cube that you have to render first of all, before any other object…and yes! this cube should "follow"the camera when it is translated…try to do a search in this discussion forum with the keyword “skybox”: you will find that other people (me included) had the same problem: so you can learn a lot.

You dont need a BIG one… just draw it first with depthwrite disabled… then its gonna be so far way it can be…