Skinning multiple meshes issue

I have a 4 mesh skinned model in Max9. I use ColladaMax to export the model into a DAE file. I can succsefully import this DAE file into Max9 again. I am in the midst of finishing my own Collada importer and Renderer.

I can succesfully skin and render all 4 meshes correctly. However, 3 of the meshes are not attached correctly to the 4th mesh, that is they are at a wrong position with a wrong orientation. I am not sure what in the DAE files controls where they need to be. Any ideas?

I notice:

 <node id="Box05-node" name="Box05" type="NODE">
    <instance_controller url="#Box05-mesh-skin">

Do I need to use this <skeleton> node for the final position and orientation? And do I need to use the “skinBindShapeMatrix”? If I do, that is premultiply the “invBindPose” with “skinBindShapeMatrix”, then the models vertices gets blown a part.

Any help is very appreciated.