Skinned mesh?


I’m trying to get some skinning going in shaderland.

Is this basically the right approach? I was mildly suprised to find you can’t have int attributes so the int(…) stuff looks ugly to me.

It’s also a tad slow - perhaps there’s a better way?

attribute vec4	_vertexIndices;
attribute vec3	_vertexWeights;
uniform mat4	_vertexMatrices[32];
uniform mat3	_cofactorMatrices[32];
void main(){
	int i0=int(_vertexIndices.x);
	int i1=int(_vertexIndices.y);
	int i2=int(_vertexIndices.z);
	int i3=int(_vertexIndices.w);

	float w0=_vertexWeights.x;
	float w1=_vertexWeights.y;
	float w2=_vertexWeights.z;
	float w3=1.0-(w0+w1+w2);

		_vertexMatrices[i3]*bmx_VertexPosition*w3 );

		_cofactorMatrices[i3]*bmx_VertexNormal*w3 ); 
		_cofactorMatrices[i3]**w3 );



This will get you into trouble:
uniform mat4 _vertexMatrices[32];
uniform mat3 _cofactorMatrices[32];
It’s using up 224 vectors and might not run in HW or compile on some implementations.

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