skinned mesh transform bug

I am exporting a skinned mesh from Max 2011 using OpenCollada.
The skinned mesh node is as such:

<node id="node-female_2" name="female_2">
          <matrix>1 0 0 -0.008068807 0 1 0 0.08032098 0 0 1 0.9159421 0 0 0 1</matrix>
          <instance_controller url="#geom-female_2-skin1">

The matrix element of the “node-female_2” seems to be a bug in the exporter, because if use this matrix then the skinned mesh will be positioned wrong.
If I move the skinned mesh around in Max that information is stored in the parent node of the root of the skeleton.

Maybe the version you used is not match the max 2011

This is the version I’m using (which is latest): OpenCOLLADA for 3ds Max; Version: 1.3.1; Revision: 847M; Platform: Win32; Configuration: Release_Max2011_static