Skin exports from 3DSMax

Hi –

After a great deal of labor, I have been unable to import any skinned models from any DAE file exported from the 3DSMax exporter (version 2.06 exporter for Collada 1.3.1) and get the skinning to work correctly. Instead, I see a big twisted mess. However, I have been able to get lots of complicated skinned models exported by Maya to work correctly. There don’t appear to be any significant differences between the DAE format output by Maya and 3DSMax that could cause a problem, so I’m led to believe that there’s a bug in the 3DSMax exporter that is not writing the correct inverse bind matrices or joint/weight data. Can anyone comment on their experiences with the 3DSMax exporter and skinned models?

By the way, the 3DSMax exporter often writes bone influences that have a weight of 0, and sometimes bone indexes are repeated for the same vertex (but with different weights that need to be added up). This adds an extra burden on importing software to detect this stuff and deal with it.