skin blending

Hi all!

I’m working now with character studio, and thinking about the possibility of using deformable vertexs on my engine. I’m using a Ti4200 , and I should put all in hardware, so I want to know if someone tried on that class card.

I’m talking about deformable (non rigid), character studio 4 vertex, that means you don’t have an influence to various bones, but to the spline that has been built running throught bone joints.

Any idea? Someone tried it?

I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Question: how are you exporting your bone/mesh information to your programms? I’ve never found a good way to do it.


I’m using skin modifier from MAX 5. I tried on MAX 4 too, and it works really fine. It has some bugs not found on character studio when you have to reescale objects, but nothing is perfect. You can control easily the number of influences and the export interface is good except for some bones with non uniform scaling, that needs extra handling (orthonormalizing should work)

I did my character studio exporter two or three days ago, and it works fine too, but only for rigid vertexs.

What are you using?

See you.

I have an Old MAX3.1 with CS2.1(I think)

And there is no way to export bones… I wrote a script that does the job for me, but it’s very, very slow. So I thought maybe there is a better solution. ohhh, I guess I need to look into my purse and purchase a new Max… The only problem is: I’m not a 3d artist, so giving away so much money would be stupid…

I seem to recall that you can export bones from 3dsmax 3 and cs2.1. They’re just nodes; the “bone” is simply the TM of the node. However, the Physique export context interface doesn’t allow you to get non-rigid weightings; that appears to have been improved with the Skin modifier in Max 4/5.

Anyway, if you send spline values (non-rigidly weighted) into a vertex shader, that’ll be one amazingly long shader. You’ll probably go transform bound at that point.


I don’t know how to export bones in MAX 3, I always use MAX 4 and up. You can get an evaluation copy from discreet, as we did some time ago, and look if it match your requirements.

About the splines, I finally forgot that idea, but I suposse it could be possible (I still don’t know the math behind, but I’m looking at) to fit that on a vertex shader

See you.

if you have futher questions about MAX:

check out the knowledgebase and downloads section.

Hi adrian!

I found nothing about blended characters studio meshes on sparks. Any other related source? (I’m not trying to export them , but know how they works!)

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If you look for documentation on the “Skin” and “Physique” modifiers, that’ll send you right. Physique is the modifier CS actually uses to implement the mesh deformation and weighting. I believe Physiqie is, in later versions of Max, actually implemented on top of the “Skin” modifier which is where it’s relevance comes in. “Skin” is part of Max proper and doesn’t need CS like Physique did.


I know how to access skin and physique data, but I was looking for technical information about “blended deformed vertexs” and how they can do skin blending throught a spline curve instead of bones.

Any idea?

See you!