Size of Point Sprite

The size of point sprites (ARB extension) seems to use the coordinates of the screen and not of the 3D scene.
(If the size of the point sprite is 32. The point sprite will have the same size on the screen in a small or large window).

Is it possible to use the coordinates of the 3d scene for the size of the point sprites?

Because i don’t understand how to have a good particule system if the result is not the same with a small window (640480: My particule will be big) and a large window (16001200: My particules will be small).


the idea behind a point, at least as far as I know, it that it is the same size all the time. If you want to use something that changes size, make a triangle particle or something similar. Those can change size when viewing in different resolutions or zooms.

I already use a quad, but i wondered if i could use point sprite.