Sis6326 OpenGL?

open gl work ok at first but after i update my card driver to ver 1.28whql (02/09/2000)from sis website…opengl fail to work, reverting to old driver still produce no expected result…can anyone figure out the problem(s)?

23 september 2000

NO… But try this for a 21 day free trail:

Supported Hardware
SciTech GLDirect supports any graphics card with properly functioning Microsoft Direct3D drivers (DirectX 6.0 and later). Listed below are graphics chips that have been tested by SciTech for compatibility with SciTech GLDirect and/or have functioning DirectX drivers. Please note that this list includes the actual chips being used, not board-level implementations.

You may experience some visual artifacts with some older graphics cards that do not fully support the 3D functionality required by OpenGL. You may also experience performance problems with older hardware that does not have the performance necessary to play the latest OpenGL based games. Unfortunately GLDirect cannot make inadequate hardware work correctly or work faster.
SiS 6326, 530

the ver 1.28whql driver is not opengl compatable.
You can reinstall your old driver but when set-up tells you “This file is older than the one you are replacing, Keep this file” you should answer “NO” in every case