SiS card problems with OpenGL!!!

hey there.
i got my pc way back in 1998 i think and i have a problem. many games now run on opengl and i cant use it. as my graphics card is SiS something i cant get opengl setup to find my display driver. i have downloaded the latest drivers for it but no luck. my gaming is at risk of dying here people HELP ME PLEASE!!!

First off im not an expert at this but essentialy u need to update your drivers.

Try here for SIS stuff:

Also update your sound card drivers and get latest DirectX

I have a SiS630 integrated video and had no problems with Win98 BUT since i changed to XP things have gotten real bad with OpenGL.

PS You will need to know about your system to make sure u get the right drivers.

I don’t know if it will help any, but I have an SiS 6326 card and it will NOT support openGL drivers at all! It sux b/c these cards have a good graphic quality to them, just a slow chipset.

i have a sis6326 and it sucks… just wanted to share that…

I agree, however, when it’s all ya got, ya gotta make the best of it. My 3D graphics run from a Voodoo card, thank goodness