Sis 5597/5598

Hi, I’ve been putting together a machine from scraps, it consists of:
Cyrix M-II PR300 (233mhz core)
96Megs of PC100 RAM (down to 92Meg)
3.2GB hard disk
Sis 5597/5598 onboard graphics card. (4Meg, stolen from the RAM)
Windows 2000 server

I seem to have problems running opengl games like quake 1 and 3, on this machine.
Like with quake 1 it will just hang while its trying to load, and quake 3 will say ‘cannot load opengl subsystem’ I know the machines spec sucks, and it wouldn’t be able to play quake 3 very well anyways, but I was aiming to use this machine as a server.
The strange thing is the opengl screensavers that come with windows run fine.

I’ve been to the sis website and the drivers there made no difference, any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: (sorry wrong forum, could a mod/admin move it please?)

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