simultaneous localization and mapping with OpenGL ( 2D ) ?

Hello all,
What I’m trying to do simply is creating a virtual map by using opengl based on the concept of simultaneous localization and mapping. I’ve seen some simulations by using opengl for this purpose but without further details ( Showing off ). Is there any tutorial or any source focusing on this interesting topic at least for 2D map?

Wow, there is not even a single reply for this? Anyway, to clarify the problem, I have a position sensor by which x, y, and z are provided. The 2D map should be updated very certain time. Based on the information that provided by the sensor, I should build my map. Any suggestions?

You need to describe a bit more. What sort of map - a terrain, a sensor value map, what are its coordinate system? What exactly is you OpenGL problem. OpenGL can rendering anything you like but you have to know what you want to render.

Thank you for your reply. I need to connect a sensor let’s say Kinect Camera. I want to get the data from the sensor and visualize them in simple window let’s say Points. I need just guidelines from where should I start? Or which are the topics that cover it?

You probably need to start here