simulation of a transmission mechanism of an object 2D

Good evening, I finished my course in computer graphics, but the course was a marathon for 10 successive days, and the teacher just dropped a project to do and I find it hard to go about it, in fact the project is to create an application that works like this:
we will have a container with a valve at the bottom, the bottom of the container there has a spring, this spring has a metal plate which will touch another plate connected to a motor just below the spring.
For this spring to go touch the engine, we need an object (cube) inside the container, and when the spring is going to touch the engine, the valve at the bottom of the container is opened and after coming out of this object container to slide under a kind of treadmill to finally fall into another container just down at the end of the carpet.
This carpet is also active at the same time as the engine. it is connected by two cylinder, which rotates to allow it glissement. if there anyone who can help me to improve!
Please this project is to be simulated in 2D and I use cpp:
Please can someone help me where to start? Frankly i’m disoriented. thank you

Frankly i’m disoriented.

Uhm, frankly it shows in your post :wink:
I’m afraid I don’t understand any of your description concerning containers, valves, and carpets (?!). As far as where to start: begin simple, draw the stationary objects. Than add objects that eventually will move around, making sure you specify their positions with variables in your code so that once you calculate (i.e. simulate) their motion you can have them move around.
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