Simulating sun within a day/night environment

First of all I’d like to mention this is my first post here. I’ve been trying to learn OpenGL for a while now based on articles and videos, however I feel it’s better to connect with a community in order to learn more. Now, straight to my question.

Whilst scouting around reading multiple articles regarding implementing sun and sun rays in OpenGL I was not able to find that one that fit my desired type. I’m working a blocky Minecraft-esque game and feel as though a proper sun is crucial in such a game considering me and my developing partner do wish to implement day & night.

Before heading on I’d like to show more or less what I’m aiming for

I’m not expecting that exact result, however I ask how would I go about creating a relatively similar sun. I’m completely disregarding moving it or emitting light from it for now as that’s another obstacle for another day so just a sun in a static position.