Simplest way to convert 2D into anaglyphs

Hi everybody,

I want to convert my normal application into anaglyphs. What is the simplest way to do this?
Must I convert any texture and colors into levels of gray? Or is there another way?

Sorry, what do you mean ?
2d ?
“normal application” ?
why gray ?
And is different since your previous thread on the same subject ?
(you should continue the same thread)

In the other thread, I tried to generate anaglyphs.
I developed anaglyphs where I can change the colors (for example red little bit darker) - to adjust it to the color glasses.

So I simply draw one object in one color (e.g. red) and one in the other color (e.g. blue).

Now if I have an existing application. Of course I can change all colors and textures manually. But I want to do it easier like this.

And my question is if this is possibile when I want to adjust colors for glasses.

Maybe with shaders? And someone give me an example.

So I thought it is different from my previous thread, because in this I wanted to know how I can get anaglyphs generally in OpenGL.
But I can continue my previous thread, no problem.

No answers?

Please continue on the other thread. It does not helps that you changed your account…