Simple tank simulator in opengl?

Hi all,

Does anyone knows and remembers the commodore 64 game in which you where driving a futuristic tank, firing at your rival in a 3D environment (though 2D logically)? It was a kind of a simulator and you had simple obstacles in your way.
And for my question - do you think making this type of game in opengl for network playing (p2p/client-server) is too much to do in 8 to 10 mounth for one who knows nothing in opengl?
My intention is to make it simple yet it does use opengl so I it will use “a few” more polygons then it did on the c64.
If so, do you know of any good references for engine and objects building (and any other opengl)?
Thanks guys

of course i remember
on the c64 it was quite funny but now…

and btw it should be no problem to do it in 10month since the basic code that you need is an example in the opengl superbible (you may move through a landscape which looks very similar to the c64 version of the game - ok resolution is better and it uses some texture)

all you have to add is some tank models, shooting and multiplayer/network support

you should perhaps consider buying this real nice book as it will give you a good introduction to opengl as well

I remember those type of games. I once played one in an arcade from some Japanese company, it was called Super Futuristic Happy Fun War Tank 9000. No wait, it was called Tokyo Wars and this was a few years ago and it’s such a fun game.

Wait, I have nothing to add to this posting. Whooops.