Simple question

I’m not using the latest GLSL versions.
Have they allowed floats to be written as “1.0f”
and things like “TexCoord * 5”.

I remember that before, GLSL was strict about this stuff.

“1.0f” would be 1.0
“TexCoord * 5” would be TexCoord * 5.0

1.0f and 1.0F are okay:
“floating-suffix: one of
f F” (GLSL 3.3 spec 4.1.4/p.20)

5 (int) for 5.0 (float) is okay:
“In some situations, an expression and its type will be implicitly converted to a different type. The
following table shows all allowed implicit conversions:
Type of expression
Can be implicitly converted to
(GLSL 3.3 spec 4.1.10/p.25)

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