Simple question about how OpenSL ES works

I am a programming newbie and I have a relatively simple question about how OpenSL ES works.

For example, I am curious about how the frequency of the bass boost feature is set. I do not see where this is a configurable parameter. The API can be called to set the strength of the boost…

I searched through the code tracing the calls but just can’t find the place where the “magic happens”.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Maxrc,

The SLBassBoost interface allows you to set the bass boost (See section 8.13 of the specification). Bass boost increases the strength of the bass by amplifying low frequencies as the content is being passed through the audio system. It does not generate any audio on its own.

To experiment with the SLBassBoost interface, I suggest you implement the Use Case:Samled Audio Playback [4.6.1]. This use case is described both in the specification and on the quick reference card. Use a simple audio file with low frequencies as our source. Instantiate the SLBassBoost interface on the audio player and the output mix. Vary your parameters and settings to get a feel for how it affects your audio.